Create and Innovate After School Program

These photos of from previous sessions.

Creativity is not just a gift that some of us have and some of us do not. It is a valuable skill and it can be learned. Through the use of art, invention and experimentation, St. Timothy’s is offering a unique after school enrichment program featuring hands-on learning.
In this entertaining and thought provoking class, your child will learn how to access their creativity to maneuver and resolve a variety of fun scenarios. The workshop curriculum, sponsored by the Innovation Institute and R.A.F.T., is specifically designed to build self esteem, develop creativity and ignite the innovative spirit.

Sample activities:

Un-Assembly Line- Each student will be given an electronic device to take apart and put back together. Before they begin they will brainstorm methods for remembering how to reassemble their item. After the allotted time period, students will be asked to share their method. Was it successful? What would they change? From their experiences we will examine process, methodology and detail orientation.

Tower of Pasta - Each group will receive 40 pieces of spaghetti, 15 pieces of elbow macaroni, 25 miniature marshmallows, 10 toothpicks, 4 straws, and 5 adhesive mailing labels to make a tower. Each group will then explain their team process for completing the assignment. From their experiences, group dynamics will be examined.

Stranded - Each team will get a bag of items. As a group, they will be asked to decide which 5 things they would keep to survive on a desert island. They will be asked to present those items and explain how they could be used to assist in their survival. Then we will discuss their decision making process for selecting those items.

Project Runway – Each group will receive a packet with information and photographs for a specific industry. Groups will collectively pick a job within that industry and construct a uniform that will suit the tasks of the job. They will discuss different ways to brainstorm their design. A large variety of materials will be provided to accomplish this task. When completed there will be a fashion show where each group explains the industry and how their uniform design will assist workers in the field. They will also share how their team came to the design.