Create and Innovate Summer Camp

The first week of summer camp was a blast (in more ways than one!)  Willow Glen Elementary students "blasted" one another with Nerf darts and huge bursts of water in the many battles and challenges they enjoyed during the week. The summer temperatures soared but we stayed cool and refreshed with shaved ice, frozen fruit pops and the abundance of shade provided by sails, huge trees, awnings and an outdoor misting system in our 2,500 square foot yard.

Sorry -I couldn't remove the music so you have to turn down the volume to get rid of it.
There are 3 more Create and Innovate sessions this summer and space is still available.  Sign up for the week or by the day.  Details and Prices below; photos to the right:

Summer Fun Fest July 5–8 - $160 for 4-day week/ $40 per day
Celebrate summer! Enjoy wet & wacky relay races, get soaked in water battles and design a wet obstacle course, create your own version of chilly recipes like homemade ice cream & popsicles, hone your skills with Nerf target practice. paint on canvas and hand build with polymer clay, transform a giant box into a lemonade stand (or whatever else your imagination comes up with), explore a geocaching treasure hunt, build & experiment in "Will it Float?" boat-building activity, make a puppet & do a show, play a life size game of angry birds and more!!

Creation to Construction July 18-22 - $200 for 4-day week/ $40 per day
In this building-centric session we will build with boxes, design airplanes and jet with launchers (that they get to keep), create unique jewelry like charm bracelets from bottle caps, dog tags and key chains, layout and raise entire cities with natures building blocks, erect a water wall or marble run (designers choice), make one-of-a-kind wind chimes, paint with acrylics, construct sculptures with metal and clay, build with Legos, explore the art of mosaic, fabricate vehicles and try them out on a test course and more!!

Play and Discovery August 1-5 $200 for 4-day week/ $40 per day 
During this inventive week we will create all kinds of inventions, prototypes and works of art then show off our creations in a mini Makers Faire! We will play a wet version of kickball, toss water balloons, learn to face paint, build and traverse an obstacle course, experiment with kid friendly cooking, explore stop motion and movie making with hand made characters, build and play our own musical instruments, compete in a minute-to-win-it tournament, mold with plaster-of-paris and more!! 

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